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(01) announced there will be a rookie baseball rookie, 01, however, crazy culminated in kkxaa(COM exception 01

, increased the two players. In the recent
A public list, 01 and cole as second grade and

kkxaa(COMfirst grader was selected, respectively. As a result, the number of each XinXiuDui will reach 10 people.

01 by o ‘neill “number two

Conducted interviews with

01kkxaa(COM is very clear when step into the field of that a moment, how many eyes staring at you, the player’s body to see how much

expectations. kkxaa(COMHe also know media bombing would be the player
How much pressure, kkxaa(COMyour every movement they all panoramic view.

in a certain sense, 01 in this world has the most extensive fans ?